This Sucks- Time Capsule

Written by on May 2, 2020

So. This sucks. 


This article is going to act as a time capsule for the world around us today. I’m going to be making a list of facts, making personal predictions about the future, and asking a lot of open ended questions to look back at once there is some normalcy. 



Today’s is Saturday May 2nd 2020 with one week of college classes left. We have had online classes since our extended spring break. 


Gas prices in Salina- $1.32 

In two days the first phase of Gov. Laura Kelly’s reopening plan begins. Gatherings will still be limited to 10 maximum, but restaurants will be open and can serve tables of 10 as long as the tables are 6 feet apart. In two weeks after this casinos, gyms, salons, tattoo and massage studios, pools, libraries, community centers, and bars and clubs will supposedly open.The four phase plan should be over by June 30th IF everything goes well. 


As of today, Kansas alone has had 4,746 become sick with COVID-19 and 131 people have died. 297 people were diagnosed in KS just today. (according to KWCH News) 


Kansas Wesleyan University released a statement earlier this week saying we will definitely have classes in person in the fall which is promising. KWU was allocated a total amount of $823,462 by the government, with the majority of it being returned to students for emergency aid for Pell-eligible students and emergency support for residential students who are no longer on campus.


I don’t know exactly how many students still live on campus but on my floor in the freshman dorms there are 5 total girls. The cafeteria is open but only serves food in to-go containers, you cannot sit in there and they only allow 5 students to be in the building at a time- it has been like this for more than a month. The Den has been closed since spring break. I miss the smoothies.




SO many businesses will go out of business (we are already seeing the very beginnings of this). There will be at least one more round of stimulus checks and government relief. Life will come to a new normal before school starts in August, and hopefully some of the summer will be able to be enjoyed freely and without too much concern. There will be another COVID-19 scare later in the year but hopefully as a whole we will be more equipped to handle it. We will have in person classes in the fall. No baseball season this year. Concerts and big events will start back up around September. Halloween until the end of the year will feel different but no major changes. There will be SO MANY movies made about this. The Time Person of the Year will be healthcare workers. Life will feel different in ways that are difficult to explain and we will ALWAYS remember this- like we will be telling our grandchildren about this for sure. Trump will be reelected and known in history books as the COVID-19 president instead of all the other things he has done. After this there will be no such thing as a snow or sick day because teachers and businesses know it’s possible for the work to be done at home. Many more businesses are going to move to only online. There will be more mental health resources available after this as well. 




Will life ever go back to normal?

Is gas going to spike in price?

Will there be a recession?

What are the economic consequences of this pandemic?

How many people are going to die in total?

When will there be a vaccine?

Will there be another pandemic in our lives?

How do we prevent this from happening again?

Will minimum wage be increased because of this?

What exactly are history books going to write about this time?

Will this affect our generations graduation rates drastically?

Did the class of 2020 ever get a graduation?

Will people keep hanging out outside after this is over?

How will this affect everyone with mental illness long term?

Did this change anyone’s career path?

Do people still shake hands?



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