This Sucks- Introduction

Written by on May 2, 2020

So. This sucks. 

I have gone back and forth how to write this. This could have some kind of positive spin or it could be my most intimate feelings of utter hopelessness. I’m still unsure how it will turn out but here is what’s going on in my head today in Salina, Kansas.


I am a freshman at Kansas Wesleyan University and my first year of college has been cut short in a few very unexpected ways. The happiest and most different year of my life has changed seemingly overnight. Classes are all online, my roommate has moved out, and I can’t move back to my home until after the semester is over. And I can’t even imagine what it’s like for seniors- both in high school and college! Graduation, proms, tournaments, entire sports seasons to not have an adequate conclusion almost seems apocalyptic. 


This sucks and so many parts of it suck- people are losing their jobs, healthcare, and security. The stock market seems to be in shambles. Clearly it’s going to take months, if not years, for some semblance of normalcy to come back. Millions of people are being affected by this disease in one way or another and it seems unfair and unavoidable at this time. 


People right now need time to grieve over their losses, and they should be given that time to do so without judgement. But in this time of grief we need to be reaching out to each other and taking care of each other. This is the best time to be alive for humans to have to be ‘isolated’ because we aren’t in fact, isolated. We can communicate everyday to all the people important to us through so many outlets. We need to be using technology to our advantage and take the time to learn how to adapt. After this year, everyone can honestly put adaptability on resumes and have it ring especially true. 


Right now everyone is feeling alone together. We all need to remember we are living a shared experience right now and even though it is better and worse for certain people we are all suffering somehow. 


Take time to recognize your emotions and feelings today- they are valid. 

Know that we will get through this eventually stronger than ever before.

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