This Sucks- Youtube and Podcast Recommendations

Written by on May 3, 2020

So. This sucks. 


I don’t know about all of you but lately, when I’m not stressed or worried about the future I am very bored. Like soul-crushingly bored. This quarantine has left me with a lot of time for introspection and I have been able to go back through my Spotify, Youtube, and all video streaming platforms to find the best of the best that has been helping me survive- and I hope these recommendations could help you too. I’m going to break these up into smaller articles because it would get overwhelming as one. This is for people who need Youtube and podcast recommendations. 


DISCLAIMER- I never said I had good taste.



Try Guys (7.19 Million subscribers)- This channel is probably one of my favorites, if not my #1 pick. They have upped the amount of content they are releasing during quarantine to three videos a week to keep audiences as occupied and entertained as possible. Their content is relatable, funny, and most of their videos have deeper messages. It’s clear these guys have a love for knowledge and the best way to learn is by trying things. They keep it real and touch on serious topics when necessary but with the wide slew of content on their channel, they have something for everyone. One of the only channels I catch myself smiling while I watch and I think I’ve seen every video they have made. 


Jubilee (5.27 Million subscribers)- I feel like everyone has watched at least one video from this channel. All the content is unique and fresh. Videos like- Do all [insert type of person] think the same?, Reading Strangers Secrets, 6 versus 1- are all unique to this channel and truly make audiences think. The videos are well produced and usually good lengths though I think some go on for too long. Choose which video you watch based on the title and try it out. Educational, informative, and usually interesting and deep.


Shane Dawson (multiple channels-23.3 Million and 3.73 Million)- This is the youtuber I have been a fan of the longest, for about 8 years! His content has changed drastically throughout the years but during quarantine there isn’t much that’s better than snuggling up and watching conspiracy videos. His channel Shane Glossin is the most frequently posted to now, because his main channel has kind of turned into just documentaries (which are also good if you have seen them). Shane is hilarious and unique, but people either love or hate his content. If you have a unique sense of humor and you’re willing to open your mind to new possibilities and ideas, watch some of his content. 


Podcasts – all found on Spotify 


TryPod- Not to seem repetitive but this is the Try Guys podcast. Last month they put out two a week but now they are producing one a week. For a slice of life with a comedic twist, listen to them rant about fake movies and their lives. I find it very enjoyable every 60ish minute episode. 

Ear Biscuits- I have only recently started listening to Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning’s podcast Ear Biscuits. I jumped right to the quarantine content because I was curious about their hot takes and they have provided me with hours of entertainment. Both Rhett and Link are easy to listen to guys that don’t focus on forcing comedy, rather allowing their banter just be entertaining. I like their perspective and they try to keep it positive. Episodes come out once a week and there are over 230 hour long episodes.

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