The Final One

Written by on May 7, 2020

Listen. I know what you’re thinking. “What does the ‘one’ mean in this cryptic title?” Well, it means basically everything. This is my final blog post. I just finished my final final. This is my final semester at school. This is my final day of school work. This blog post itself is my final assignment ever. And don’t worry, I know what else you’re thinking. “This guy has been talking about that grandiose narration project of his for like a month now and still hasn’t delivered. What a hack.” Well wait no longer, as it’s finally here:

In a matter of a little over 4 days, we’ve amassed almost 110k views. We even ended up resurrecting a decade old thread on Speed Demos Archive, and a user who hadn’t shown themselves in the community since their last post in said thread. We poured hours upon hours of work into this, with one 30 second segment taking 3+ hours of work on its own. We’re really proud of what we’ve pulled off here, and we’re already in full swing producing part 2. Thanks again to Paul for letting me borrow that mic from the studio, as I’m sure it now has the flashiest resume of all the school’s mics, and it has served me beautifully. If it suits your fancy, you can think of this as my senior capstone project.


Please enjoy, and I’ll see you all next time. <3

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