Being an Athlete is Never Easy…

Written by on May 13, 2020

Being an athlete is never easy- it can be fun, rewarding, and fulfilling but never easy. Being a college student is never easy- it can be fun, rewarding, and fulfilling but never easy. So what happens when these two already difficult paths are combined AND you add a pandemic? It sounds like an entire sports season lost, time for team building and personal growth lost, and classes being infinitely more difficult. The hardships of being an athlete and a college student on top of the state of the world all around us can be a lot to handle. Now try packing up your life and being forced to move home early and everything seems about ten times harder. How could I be expected to focus on marketing homework while my parents need my help around their new house? 


Today each of us have our own issues stemming from COVID-19 and school. For some people in fact, this could lead to the end of their college careers. But I want to be better. I do not want to fall into being a statistic of a dropout or a failed opportunity. Because that is what all of this needs to be about, a new opportunity. There are people suffering greatly today because of the Coronavirus, but for those of us who will probably be spared in this (at least with our health) we need to have a serious attitude adjustment so we can not only end the semester successfully, but be successful in the long term. We need to work harder, smarter, and adapt to this change. 


Of course I am hopeful next semester will be different. I want to be back in class communicating face-to-face with my peers and professors, not Zooming. I want to go to practice every day, not worrying about staying 6 feet apart. I want to wear my helmet and not a mask. 


All our lives have changed and there is no telling what the future holds, but I know that I am not giving up because even in the last quarter of the game when you are down by 7 your team rallies together and keeps fighting and running to get the final touchdown and win the game.

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