Blog Post #7

Written by on May 13, 2020

Hello and welcome back to the last and final blog post for a very long time. This quarantine has made me do a lot more homework then  I have ever wanted to specially when I am here at home. Since I have been away at college home is a safe place with no homework at all and now its the place I have to do homework all the time. The long process of doing homework everyday and every other thing I do through out the day all in one place is crazy and is starting to drive me crazy. Especially because I am stuck here with all of the same people and they are bugging me by now. I wish I could get back to school and have my independent life back.

Well this blog is short and sweet and I loved doing all these blogs and breaking down my quarantine sense its been so long and lonely. Hope you enjoyed my blogs and maybe I will see you again!

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