Protests in front of the White House?!?

Written by on May 13, 2020

Most people can find some amusement or joy from a tractor-trailer blaring their horn occasionally when a kid signals them, but when there is an entire street filled with these Big Rigs constantly blaring their horns simultaneously, the noise begins to become unbearable at such a close range. On May 1st that’s exactly what the streets outside of The White House sounded like.


Hunter Pane | KWU Student Media

Blaring horns from dozens of vehicles all lined up in protest over wages and the lockdown that is currently underway because of the pandemic. It was certainly the most unique protest I have seen and in my opinion very effective at grabbing the attention of anyone in a several blocks radius.

The reason that the semi-truckers lined up along Constitution Avenue on Saturday was to protest low freight rates as a result of the corona-virus pandemic. While this might seem drastic, around 70 different small business truckers joined together in protest because they were being severely affected by the corona lockdown and demanded compensation based on a platform stating that they are the backbone of America. Many of the protesters followed social distancing rules, but there was a handful that simply did not care. The protests lasted for three days and by the end of it, President Trump said that he is ‘with the TRUCKERS all the way’ and was happy to meet with their representative at the end of the three-day protest.


This begs many questions surrounding the right to protest and the right to be safe during a pandemic. Should protesters be mandated to follow social distancing to ensure the health of everyone? When does one person’s right to live step on another right of protest? No matter which side of the political spectrum you lie, this debacle is certainly interesting and will end up in the textbooks.



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