First sport Cancellation

Written by on September 1, 2020

The first cancelation of a sports game due to Covid-19 has happened for the first time for Kansas Wesleyan University.  The men’s soccer team was looking forward for playing their season opener this Saturday September 5th against Tabor college.  This game is now postponed because of some issues off the field.

The KCAC was set to start this weekend for Kansas Wesleyan Men’s soccer but, now are going to have to wait another week until they see any action.  Tabor college has contacted Kansas Wesleyan letting them know that a few of their players from their men’s team has tested positive for Covid-19.  This is a big knock to Kansas Wesleyan men’s soccer team since the whole team was ready and excited to get this season going.  The Kansas Wesleyan team was ranked fourth in this year coaches’ poll and that had given the team more motivation and excitement heading into this game against Tabor college though we all know that not only the players safety but the people the players are around in everyday situation like family, friends, or teacher and such people like that.

Even with the game being canceled it is not taken off as a game counted already. The game will be re-scheduled and either played this semester or played into the following semester next year when Covid-19 is hopefully taken care of by then.  The scheduling has been very weird this year but NAIA and KCAC is trying their best to get the season going for all of the fall sports.

What does this mean for KCAC? Well, this means that a postponed game has come quicker than everyone was thinking and the needed steps to help everyone be successful should be taken more seriously.  Everyone has been playing their part in this whole pandemic but, obviously everyone needs to take precautions more seriously if outbreaks are already happening on campuses throughout KCAC.  Though it is Tabor men’s soccer who is the cause of the game being postponed everyone on KWU should not feel invincible of the disease for the safety of our community.

Therefore, as we can see the virus is something very real and we should all take precaution because, to many people of put in to much work to keep the KWU bubble safe.  The athletes have put in to much work also, to have our seasons canceled or postponed.  So, lets all do our part in not only keeping our selves safe but also everyone around us.

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