Malawian Lands in Kansas

Written by on September 1, 2020

Meet Mubelele Mhango the 18-year soccer player who has found his way across the world.  When he first came to America from his home country Malawi, he finished his last year of high school at Gate Way Academy in Illinois.  Ever since then his soccer career has taken off since he has started college.  If he can finish all four years of college, he will be the first in his family to do so.  Also, Muy is a competitive soccer player receiving scholarships from across the country.  Recently, he has been keeping his eye on Kansas Wesleyan University.

Muy is a foreign exchange student from the country called Malawi which is in south east Africa south of Kenya.  He came to America to help himself and his family so that he can get the education to support his family.  He knows where his soccer talent can take him but he wants to make sure he receives his degree before anything so he can be the first in his family to graduate and not only that to make his mother proud.  When he first came to America his story began at Gate Way Academy where he would play with some of the best talent at the high school level in America.  He has played with players from Brazil, America, Mexico, and South Korea as the list could go on and on.  Being from Africa he feels a since of pride whenever he plays which is why when he didn’t get the offers, he wanted he decided to take the junior college route

Zachary Lockwood | KWU Student Media

. This is where his real journey begins as he helps Bakersfield college win their first conference championship in school history and to their first playoff game where sadly they would lose in double overtime.  With all the free time due to covid-19 Muy has been taking this time to improve his game and to become the best he can be so he can receive the offer that is best for his family and himself to be successful in the future.

Muy earlier this month flew into Kansas to actually come visit Kansas Wesleyan University.  He got to see what the hype is about the sports here and the great facilities that this campus has to offer.   Muy said his focus is to get his degree while till playing the sport that he loves and Kansas Wesleyan University he thinks could potentially be a great fit for him he says.  Though he does not want to make nothing certain because, he wants to do what is best for his family and for himself while still being able to play the sport he loves.  Saying Salina has everything there is to offer he is still weighing his options because schools still looking at him after his great freshman year.

Muy was a vocal point at his current college located in Bakersfield, California called Bakersfield college.  He had started his career as a defensive back but later throughout the year he changed to forward and that is when all the attention started to come in.  So, for Kansas Wesleyan to have him interested to come to the school is always a good step for the program in wanting to become the best team in NAIA.  It is also crazy how a game Can bring people from all over the world to a place most people have never been to or heard of.  The team already has multiple types of cultures to the team but they all still consider them selves’ family.  With soccer no one looks at the color of your skin or your religious backgrounds they just care about getting them selves the best chance to win every game they play as a single unit and as a team. This is why soccer brings many people together and helps build relationships you would have never thought of making in your lifetime.

Therefore, Mubelele Mhango a recruit for the Kansas Wesleyan University men’s soccer team can go to show that soccer can bring anyone together.  No matter where you’re from or what you been through that is why it will always be considered the beautiful game.

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