COVID- 19 downfall pt. 2

Written by on September 15, 2020

Well, welcome back! another week has gone by of boredom. As I sit here in my house in Colorado away from school,  i am filled with nothing but boredom and I hate it. I want to talk about whats gong on around the world but I feel like I am trapped inside and have no clue how the stores are looking and I have no clue what is going on.

I know I have already clearly stated that I am bored out of my mind but its ok I am creating a list right here and right now on what to do when I am bored. I have a house filled with pointless things or projects that need to be done so thats what I am doing from here on out.

List of things to do:

  1. Paint something – It is trending right now to buy some washable paint and paint your leg or someone’s back. I have been wanting to do this just have never had the time to do it.
  2. Color – print out coloring pages and maybe by the end of quarantine you can make a collage of all the coloring pages you have colored
  3. Clean – yes this might seem like the most boring thing to do but no its actually not when you are as bored as I am right now!
  4. Games – You can play games with your family! Board games are basically cleared off of the shelves at all stores but do what you can and bring the family together to play! Also if you are playing solo jump on a computer and play away. Lastly, XBOX or PLAYSTATION! Guys around the world have always wished for this time to play away!
  5. Reorganize something – This might the into cleaning but a good time killer is to clean out the clutter and reorganize!
  6. Homework – Yes I know I hate this one too but get all the homework down for the week and you won’t have to stress about anything at all for the rest of the week except being bored!
  7. Binge – Get on Disney +, HULU, or Netflix and pick a series to watch! A good idea I also came up with is a little check list for the movies I wanted to watch. Make a list with all the Disney princess movies and then another with all original Disney movies or even a list of all marvel movies in order and just go one by one each day and check them off the list!
  8. Self organize – Right now this is most important to me. We are given this crazy long time and its sign to slow down so take it I am writing down everyday what I’m doing or whatever and just starting over with myself and organizing my life. I am setting goals, focuses, and hopes. This is everything that I need right now and more! MAYBE YOU CAN TRY IT!

well that list should help you fill your boredom for the next week I hope because if itdoesnt

Mia Needles | KWU Student Media
Mia Needles | KWU Student Media
Mia Needles | KWU Student Media

then ill be bored right beside you. Next week ill be giving another list of 5 things to do that is new! stay tuned and talk to ya next week! Stay safe y’all!

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