One last goodbye

Written by on September 15, 2020

Well, this is it. I “graduate” in three days, and I am officially done with my bachelor’s degree. I am in a massive whirlwind of emotions, and that is kind of all i can really say. So since last my post was very negative, I am going to stay positive.

The first thank you I want to send out to is my amazing professors. The first person I owe everything to is Paul Green. Paul you taught me so, so much that I learned in college and I am so grateful for you. You were the person that would tell me how it was, not what I wanted to hear. You made me have the drive I have to be able to want to go through life in an extremely positive mindset. I will always be grateful for you Paul. I simply love you.

Dr. Silverman, we sure may have had some moments the first year or two, but you were the biggest help in my pursuit of a master’s degree. I don’t know how that is going to go, but you put me on the path and got me into the school that I wanted too. Thank you for all your random facts and tangents every class period. Thank you for absolutely everything.

Barbara, Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on while I was all the way from my family. You treated me like I was one of your kids, and would be there for me when I probably didn’t even need help. Thank you for all the times you brought me out of one hell of a terrible mood and made me have this motivation to get me to the point of being a college graduate. Thank you for being the best advisor in the entire world.

Toelle, Thank you for helping me out and grow my interest in collegiate sports. It was a pleasure to learn from you under my internship with you and I hope my work was of some help throughout the process. You are the best SID the earth has seen and I can’t wait to see how the sports pages do while i’m gone!

I have so many other professors to thank, that it would just be so long. So if you have had me in your class. THANK YOU. This campus just had it all to me. This is such a beautiful campus to walk around, the students are top class, the staff will go out of there way for you. I am beyond proud to be a Coyote.

So, for the last time ever.

I’m out.

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