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Written by on September 16, 2020

You guys ever hear the saying that history repeats itself.  Well for over the years it has happened over and over again. This incident in particular happened again and made the world even more aware and angry with law enforcement and the officers that brutally killed George Floyd. The murder of George Floyd brought a big spark into society which led to protests and riots all over the United States. People all over are angry and still to this day they are still protesting. George Floyd was an African American man who was brutally murdered in public in front of many civilians over a counterfeit twenty dollar bill in Minneapolis The white cop was Derrick Chauvin and he knelt on his neck for eight minutes. Society was infuriated over this horrible situation. Like I said early it brought the world together and had riots across the United States. This dreadful situation looks really similar to the Rodney King incident. I say that because Rodney King was caught by the Los Angeles police after a high-speed chase on March 3, 1991. The officers pulled him out of the car and beat him brutally, while amateur cameraman George Holliday caught it all on videotape. The four L.A.P.D. officers involved were indicted on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and excessive use of force by a police officer. However, after a three-month trial. It had a predominantly white jury acquitted the officers, inflaming citizens and sparking the violent 1992 Los Angeles Protests and riots all over. Specifically Los Angeles. Also in April 1992 triggered riots in South Central, Los Angeles. More than 50 people were killed, more than 2,000 were injured and 9,500 were arrested for rioting, looting and arson, resulting in $1 billion in property damage. The George Floyd protests are an ongoing series of protests and civil unrest. In which it began in Minneapolis on May 26, 2020. Fourteen thousand plus people were arrested and thirty plus deaths have happened in the protests. The uproar of everyone coming together like they did for Rodney King was really good to see because now people are standing up to the injustice system and fighting for a better change. Back when the Rodney King situation happened it brought gangs together to fight the system and show that what happened to that man was cold blooded and it’s bigger than them. In the song colors from The Game it had an interview with a gang member and asked him his perspective. He said that he would “give it up” to show that he would go beyond to help fight for Mr.King. He also said “ what colors do black people get to choose? They choose red or blue and what’s left? White. Damn right, we killed ourselves”. If you really think about what he said you can see what they have to choose coming from where they are born into. Having the bloods and crips come together really brought more and more people together. Like the hispanic community. The same thing happened with George Floyds Protests. The Gangs, white people, former presidents, big time athletes all come together for George and fight for him and his family against the injustice law enforcement system. I had the opportunity to ask my teammate and a current student that attends and plays for Kansas Wesleyan University alongside me. His name is Jhalen Haynes. He plays defensive back and is from Los Angeles, California. He basically told me that he is angry and mad that history keeps on finding a way to repeat itself. He feels that it is sad that 28 years later after what happened to Rodney King another uproar has came across the United States of protest against the police for George Floyd. Before George Floyd police brutality, Unemployment has still been going on and hasn’t been fixed yet. Some of the cops are still to be charged. He feels that police need better training when in the academy and need to be more considerate. Not everyone they encounter will want to give them trouble. But now the trend is back to everyone not liking the police so it makes their job more difficult. But The police did this to themselves over and over again with killing innocent african americans for nothing. And even getting away with it. George Innocence is extremely important and needs everyone to come together and stop being bystanders to cops brutally hurting african americans and find a way to stop this. 



Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media



Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media


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