My Funny Family: Or How I Survive Telecommuting

Written by on September 22, 2020

The coronavirus has beyond a doubt had a profound effect on American society as a whole. But none more so than on the average college student. My name is Jameson Shaughnessy and I am a telecommuter to Kansas Wesleyan University. No doubt many of you are familiar with my name around campus, so as such I am going to skip right to the good stuff. Over the coming weeks I am going to be sharing stories from my life that you can view right here on in what I hope will become a poignant and funny series of news articles. On a side note, this article series was originally going to be a podcast, however due to some locational difficulties, i.e. being off campus, I will be unable to head up a podcast until next semester, so stay tuned for that!

Many of you are, no doubt, familiar with having a sibling, whether they are older, younger, the same age as you, and no doubt have you probably heard your siblings say something utterly ridiculous at one point in time. Such is the case between myself and my little sister Avianna. In fact, so much does she say things I find utterly hilarious (she is three years old after all) that I often find myself scratching my head while belly laughing uncontrollably at the same time. In just this last week she has “Farted like daddy,” “Want chicken nuggets not too hot,” and multiple times asked me too “Give me Jamsomes juice, (her way of asking for the sodas I drink daily). Over the coming weeks I will be recording these “Annaisms” in the first part of my articles. If you love hearing about the magical world of a three-year-old, then I am sure my articles will be your first stop.

I also want to get serious, we all know that Covid-19 sucks and that it has totally warped the way we see the world. While this string of articles will ultimately be about dealing with college life and relationships while living at home, I also want to contribute to helping others better cope with the changes we face daily due to Covid-19. Whether this is a small anecdote from my daily life, or a helpful news article I have found, I hope to walk this journey with you, my readers.

Without further ado lets dive right into the juicy meat of my life.

So this week was rough, not for me but definitely for my family. As it turns out, the scheduled start date for physical return in the 501-school district did not come to fruition. As such, my mother has had to take it upon herself to homeschool the kids. While my mother is no stranger to homeschooling, after all I was homeschooled for 10 years of my life, this is the first time she has really ever had to contend with teaching 3 separate grade levels at once. Furthermore, in the coming weeks the Shaughnessy family is readily preparing to welcome a new little snuggler into the fold. Between the strenuous weekend home renovating, the switching of foster care agencies so we can get our baby, and homeschooling 3 kids, it has fallen to me to do the tasks that my good ol’ mom and pop can’t. I have had to step up my game at home tenfold. I am now cooking most of the meals, with unnecessary supervision I might add, helping with the family cleaning, and of course keeping the children entertained. I have found it so hard to get time to myself I often find myself wondering, what would it have been like to return to campus? The short answer, probably not much different. I would still be cleaning, cooking, and engaging in departmental activities. I would still have to keep my siblings entertained when I went home, and I would still have to deal with a cranky exhausted person. So, in a way I am thankful that I stayed home this semester.

With that little snippet from my week I bid you Adieu.

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