Education in a COVID World

Written by on February 3, 2021


The world has drastically changed in this last year. Mask need to be worn, health mandates have been ordered, and some schools even moved to online learning. This is both a negative and a positive for the education field. Everyone involved has been forced to adapt and a roll with the new ways. It is not very fun to wear a mask all the time, but we need to do it in order to continue living as “normal” as we can. 

This doesn’t mean its been easy. My first semester at Kansas Wesleyan lasted about eight weeks before the corona hit. Classes were all moved online and students rushed home to their families where they could be safe. Students like myself now had to somehow figure out how to overcome this online school. Online classes can be difficult, especially for those that learn best in an environment where they can easily access teachers for questions about the lesson. Aaron Main, a junior at Kansas Wesleyan, talks about how online classes effected him.

“I prefer in class face to face interaction because it is easier to get questions answered and you can head to office hours easier and ask questions in a one on one setting.”

Main was able to adjust to the online setting but it was not with out a challenge. Many students struggles and some did not handle as well Tristan Lewis, a junior at Kansas Wesleyan, explained how it was “not a good learning experience.” The online classes take away the human interaction that helps and makes learning easier. 

Students were not the only ones who needed to adjust. Teachers were forced to change a semester worth of lesson plans to online learning. This came with many challenges as well, such as making sure students are able to join the online class. I had many experiences in my online classes where students cannot join due to technical difficulties. This forces teachers to somehow record their lesson for the ones who missed it. The adjustment to online learning has been a difficult one. It was an option in the past, but now it is a necessity, especially in heavily populated area such as California. 

We are very fortunate to have an on-campus learning experience here at KWU. It is up to all of us to make sure that we can continue the way we are. On the positive side, this will be a very cool story to tell to our children and grandchildren when we all get older. For the students and teachers struggling out there, hang in there! We are online about a quarter of the way done. 

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