Football in a Pandemic

Written by on February 3, 2021

Covid-19 has affected many people all around the world. Covid-19 has taken people’s jobs, education and even the way they live. For example, they stay in their house to avoid catching the virus and probably get their groceries delivered to them. So they do not have to be around people in the grocery store. Even though this Covid-19 is dangerous, I still don’t believe it is worse than others not being able to play football.
Football is more than just a sport for hundreds and thousands of people all over the world. With football being pushed to the spring of one hundred and five schools in just California these results are just devastating. A thousand plus young men became ineligible, three hundred players dropped out of school, seventy players have been incarcerated, ninety five players have joined gangs and fifty of them have become new fathers. If those numbers haven’t opened your eyes then you now are the time to wake up and listen.
Being at school in dorms away from home is safer for a lot of kids that come from rough backgrounds including myself. Being home is all fun and games till something pops offs whether you are with no wrong crowd or just at the place at the wrong time. This past summer I lost two friends. One lived a similar life to me. My friend tweet was a student athlete and both got sent home because of Covid-19. We were teammates and played together at a junior college in the bay area. But where our homes are away from the college weren’t the best and we did our best to stay out there as long as we could. But having to get sent home takes away the safe and secure feeling. He was mistakenly shot in front of his house all because someone thought he was somebody else. But none of this would have happened if he was able to stay in the bay at our junior college.
But he lived right around the corner from me. Walking distance and it hurts me to this day about his situation. But his story is just an example of what people’s lives are like without football and how much football can be more than just a game. Football means a lot to the players that go to Kansas Wesleyan University. I have interviewed a couple of players that play for the school right now. They were mainly happy to be back out here and playing football. A lot of them wished we had virtual classes and only time we would meet up would be for weights, meetings and football practice.
We all wish and prefer to stay on campus but only leave when we have to. We know the risk about playing this spring but we have a chance to make the playoffs so we want to give everything we got to finish this season off strong. Players that can play football at all in this pandemic is just a blessing and all know how fortunate it is to be a part of this history.

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