So…What’s it Like to be a Senior at KWU?

Written by on February 3, 2021

When it came to thinking about what question I could ask a senior at KWU it got me thinking what’s the most important thing to a senior KWU besides academics. That’s when it hit me, I could ask a senior who plays sports “what does it mean to be a senior to play their last year at KWU?”. It occurred to me to ask my good teammate Artin Almary since he’s a senior and would be perfect to answer this question.
Artin Almary is a Senior from Los Angeles California who previously came from Pasadena community college while playing soccer their as well. He decided to come to Kansas Wesleyan university his junior year because he felt like it would be the best fit for him when he came on recruiting trip. Ever since then he hasn’t regrated it one bit. When I interviewed Artin he had to say this “especially Kansas Wesleyan took me in before my junior year and I needed a year to catch up so I’m grateful Kansas Wesleyan gave me that opportunity.”
Very thought words from Artin on how does it feel to be senior at Kansas Wesleyan and why he decided to come here. It’s more special to Artin to play his senior because ever since he got to Kansas Wesleyan his sophomore/junior he was injured those two years because his year he was a red shirt. As for his second year he was up and ready to play for Kansas Wesleyan but things turned unexpectedly for Artin because he got injured and had to stay on sideline watching his teammates play while he couldn’t. that hurt Artin because he couldn’t play the sport he loved. That didn’t stop Artin from coming back stronger his Senior to play again one last year with his fellow teammates who some are seniors as well.
He had this to say to add on to it as why it’s special to him to play his senior year at Kansas Wesleyan “To play soccer my senior year at Kansas Wesleyan also means a lot to me because I haven’t played the last two years obviously being a red shirt one year then I was injured for my junior year so now to be able to come back and play my senior year feels a little extra sweet”. Saying this was the best part of doing the interview with Artin Almary because he expressed his self how he felt how he couldn’t play to being able to play his final year as a senior at Kansas Wesleyan University. This is what it’s all about being to play the sport thay you love throughout your college years. Also, how to be able to reflect on it and how much it means to you to play your final year at the college level. Lastly, how you’ll be

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