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Written by on March 10, 2021

When it comes to nursing it is a profession within the health care sector that focuses on individuals, families, and communities. Nurses are one of the most trusted groups of professionals in the United States, from the results of the American Nurses Association. The nursing goal is to attain, maintain, or even recover optimal health and quality of life.
I had to do some research before doing this interview so I am some what caught up with this profession. It is crazy that being a nurse seems to come with several major responsibilities that one person will have to take on. I get it, it is no where close to being a doctor or anything but it is up there forsure. Our student life are very blessed to have have a brand new, state of the art five million dollar medical building where are student nurses are able to learn, practice and become better at their jobs. Therefore I am fortunate enough to be able to have got the opportunity to interview a current student in the nursing program as well as a current football star for Kansas Wesleyan University David Mares.
Paul Green | KWU Student Media

David Mares is currently under the two year program to graduate here and leave to get into the working field qualified. After receiving the required education, the future nurses must become licensed in their state of practicing and are required to complete continuing education courses to maintain their license, depending on what state’s regulations. In the interview we talked about what is like to be in the nursing program, how long does it take to be a nurse during your time here at Kansas Wesleyan, and what are the most challenging things you face here at this schools nursing program. David explained to me that being in the nursing program is very challenging and strict. They give you assignments back to back . Like you have no room for error when doing these assignments. The most assignments they would give in a week is ten. I told also told by David that even though he was challenged with all the heavy load of work this also taught him how to keep up on constant bases.When staying ahead on the work it leaves him with room and time to study. Like you really cant fall behind at all.

Also when it comes to the testing for the future nurses they are extremely hard. I say that because if you get less then a B+ on your quiz. You have to retake it. That example right just proves that they hold these future nurses to a high level when it comes to their jobs. Which I understand because they do have a serious job. David also admired what a great experience it is to be aprt of this program. He really seems to be in love with his future career. I also learned that nurses seeking an advanced degree will require additional education beyond their basic nursing education, which can range from two to five years depending on the degree. This was a great experience on learning and being able to to see what my school offers for their nursing program.

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