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Written by on March 10, 2021

Living in Salina, it may seem like we’re not still in a pandemic. Most business, restaurants, and bars have adapted to Covid restrictions, cases are on the decline and vaccinations are on the rise. Although this is all great news, there is still a high risk of contracting Covid. Dining at restaurants is actually one of the easiest places to get the virus, even if your table is six feet from the next. Many of these small business haven’t bounced back, since many people are still uncomfortable with the idea. This is why it’s still so important to shop and dine at small business and restaurants, especially in Salina. Lucky for us, we live in the 21st Century, where everything has been made for our convenience. One of the most greatest developments within the last few years, and one of the best services for pandemic living, has been food delivery services. You can order almost anything off of your phone these days through apps like DoorDash, Post-mates, Uber Eats, and even our local food delivery app, Eat Street. Even better, many local restaurants in Salina are on these apps and also offer take out, meaning that you can enjoy some of your favorite foods, while supporting local businesses. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite local restaurants, with a variety of cuisines, that offer delivery or take out as an option: BogeysMartinellisYaYa’s Euro BistroBlue Skye Brewery and Eats Coop’s Pizzaria Taqueria Fresnillo Momoya La Curva Barolo Grille Diamaru Auntie Rita’s Jamaican CuisineCozy Inn If you would like suggestions for what to order at these local restaurants, you can go to and search through our archive for other food reviews that I have written over the past few years! It is so important that we continue to support these local business and also support those who are working for these delivery services. Don’t forget to tip your delivery person and also tip those who are working at the restaurants. Happy eating!

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