Football in the Spring?

Written by on March 10, 2021

Saturday, March 6, the Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes football program dominated the Sterling Warriors 69-14. This is a historical event is important because it was the first time ever that regular season football games were played in the spring, It was an exciting and unique experience to witness. It was not a typical Saturday night in Salina, many things were regulated in order to combat the corona virus. Things like roster sizes and the amount of fans allowed in the stands were all limited on Saturday evening. This did not stop or distract the coyotes from their main goal, they stayed persistent and it payed off in the end. All parts of the team did their job, the offense was on a roll and could not be stopped, the defense was stout and stubborn only giving up 14 points. Special teams made an impact as well, retuning a 95 yard kick return. You couldn’t even tell it was covid season, everyone was so loud and involved. Anthony Bargas, Sports Management, a senior and offensive guard at Kansas Wesleyan explains how football season and school can be a challenge to balance. Many football players take the minimum credit hours in the fall to make up for the lost time from football. Bargas says as “football athletes, you pack up on units in the spring.” He also mentions that in the spring, weather can also be a factor, just a couple of weeks ago, the team was forced to practice in the gym due to extreme conditions. Those aren’t the only issues that the football team had to deal with, another problem is finding the time to use the field while sharing with all the other sports that use the field. At times, the team is forced to practice during later times like 10 PM. This may seem cruel and inhumane, but the culture that the program developed embraces every opportunity to get better. Scott Sanchez, Criminal Justice, a Junior and defensive end on the team talks about how he, “has never played football in March, and that this is usually the time to get BIG.”
Brittany Pappada | KWU Student Media

It is true that usually football players focus on weight training during the spring, now they have to focus on in season workouts. In season workouts are not as demanding as spring workouts, but the coyotes will find a way to get better regardless of the adversity. The coyotes have a few more games scheduled this spring, some dates and destinations to look forward to are May 27, at ranks #11 Bethel College in Newton, KS. Another game to look forward too is on April 3, at Tabor College. The coyotes look to finish their season strong and get ready to get back on track next fall.

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