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Written by on March 10, 2021

This spring semester, there will be over 20 sports competing for Kansas Wesleyan. That includes many sports from the fall and winter that had to be pushed into this semester.

This has thrown off many people and even caused a lot of work for the athletic trainers as they have to make sure all their athletes stay healthy. There’s one sport that the athletic trainers don’t have to worry too much about and that’s Esports. Esports has been increasing in popularity at many schools across the nation. It is fun and entertaining and provides an opportunity for skillful students to earn an opportunity for a degree through their gaming skills.

The future is bright for the team here at KWU. These last couple of years, they have not been able to find themselves a solid coach to lead them. The Coyotes are looking to expand and really get their name out there. Once they find that “Field” General to lead the way, the ‘Yotes are going to steam roll the competition no matter what game it is.

Brody Carrasco, Biology, is a senior here at KWU. He has been a part of the esports program in a big way. Carrasco participates in many games for KW, like minecraft and overwatch, but his favorite is rocket league. He has also spent 4 years in the program and tells us to have high hopes for KWU esports as they are “looking for a new director of esports, especially for the fall.” He mentioned that Call of Duty can potentially come into play as well. The good thing is, we don’t need to be semi-pro esport gamers to compete with each other.

KWU students can also expect intramural tournaments for games like madden and even rocket league. And as for you students, keep a look at for an email regarding rocket league tournaments. You could potentially be and the KWU esports B-Team. If you ever get the urge to support our Coyotes, tune in on Twitch at KWUEsports. They are live weekly playing games like rocket league and overwatch.

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