Why did YOU decide to Come to KWU?

Written by on March 10, 2021

When you actually think about it what makes you move from a community college to a university is their background history? Is it their beautiful environment they have around the school? It might even be buildings they have or it can be as well how the professors care about their students and try their best to help them out.

Why specifically a student chose Kansas Wesleyan University out all the other options is the question of the day. To answer that, I was able to catch up with my roommate Emmanuel Becerra. A student from Los Angeles California who previously attended Pasanda Community College before deciding to attend Kansas Wesleyan university.

Becerra had this to say about his decision-making process, “My Favorite part of Kansas Wesleyan University I would have to say is the environment everyone is so friendly here and respectful towards each other even though I am far away from home the environment here makes me feel welcomed and part of the Kansas Wesleyan family.”

This was a strong statement from Emmanuel because in order to transitions from a community college to a university you have to get a “good vibe” off it as every young person says nowadays. It was a good point that Emmanuel brought up on why he chose Kansas Wesleyan because he felt as he was welcomed automatically into the family and how everybody was respectful to him.

That’s true because I’m from Los Angeles as well and me and Emmanuel both know that people from Los Angeles aren’t really respectful, they’ll just go on about their day without greeting anyone. As for here in Salina, Kansas everyone usually greets you at the door which is very different for us and how we are not used to that.

Other than that Emmanuel was able to give me info on what drew him into coming Kansas Wesleyan and no other schools. What he said was how “something drew me to KWU from my community college was my passion for soccer, KWU has a very good soccer program and everyone there treats everyone like family, I thought of coming here like another big step in my soccer career and I’m happy to have chosen KWU”. With this being said I can say it’s 100% true that the soccer team here at Kansas Wesleyan are like a family because in the end of the day the team is the only people you have here. Since being here with no family you can get lonely but having the team you can always have them to have your back. in the end of the day, it’s always hard to be on your own. It was always a pleasure to interview Emmanuel to be able to get feedback from a student athlete.

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