Dear Donald Trump: A Letter from an Impatient American

Written by on April 6, 2021

Dear Donald Trump: A letter from an Impatient American

Dear Donald Trump, 

Hey, it’s me- an average white lower-middle class college student and woman in America. I have been able to witness firsthand your presidency from the Midwest and I have followed many decisions you have made within the past four years closely. I watched as you said hurtful things before you were elected on the campaign trail. I remember vividly the first time I listened to the Access Hollywood tape of you saying ‘Grab her by the pussy’. I thought that would have sealed your fate as a failed politician and a laughing stock but instead, this did not do detriment to your political campaign. People found you relatable, unlike any previous politician. You were honest and someone many Americans apparently saw themselves in. Many people believed this ‘locker room talk’ was something that a President could bring to the office. Some saw you as a hard-working American, an honest person, a man to represent men- I (and countless others) saw you as all the things wrong with America today. You were spreading false rhetoric surrounding Mexico saying “they are rapists and bringing crime and drugs to America”. You were spreading falsehoods about other marginalized communities. You gave people permission to use their voices to spread hate. And this is not something that will be undone within the next presidency, this will be a lasting impact of your four years. I can remember the day you were elected in 2016. I was a freshman in high school and my dad came into my room November 4th to wake me up for school and I remember sitting up in bed and the first thing I said was, ‘we have a woman for president, huh?’ and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, ‘no.’ You spent four years hurting me and others around me. You refused to condemn or denounce white supremacy. If you aren’t standing with us, you are standing against us and with that one act you chose the side of hate. You said there are good people on both sides-except that’s completely false. There are no good Nazis. There are no good racists. There are only people who stand with BIPOC and use their voices to ensure they have equal rights through whatever means necessary and there are those who do not care because they benefit from the status quo and the system working for them. The KKK endorsed your campaign and that didn’t trigger some self-doubt in your governing abilities? Your legislative policies? Your rhetoric? You have changed America forever; so, congratulations on inviting hate to every family dinner, to every Facebook post, every newspaper article shared (fake news or otherwise). Congratulations on murdering 243,000 Americans with your incompetence in handling COVID-19. Congratulations on validating the right wing’s distrust of modern media and truthful information. Congratulations on confirming the idea that America is not ready for a woman for president even if her competitor is a rapist, pedophile, racist, homophobic, uneducated person with no previous political experience. It hurts as a woman to know, that America is fueled by hate. There has been detriment and wrongdoings under your leadership in this country that we will never fully recover from. Even if you were good for the economy (which since COVID, you haven’t been) that does not outweigh the harm you have done to American democracy. You have divided this country, broken up families (literally and figuratively), and you have shown an ugly side that can no longer hide in the dark. Just because you were a president who didn’t start a foreign war, doesn’t mean you did not begin a civil war all around us. I hope you enjoy the full wrath of 2020. I have waited impatiently for this day and I am not ashamed.  I waited impatiently after you banned transgender people from joining the military. I waited impatiently when you pushed for a new Supreme Court justice with less than 50 days until the election. I waited impatiently through every debate and every poorly spoken speech. You have lost your job and soon your place of residence. You have been voted out and just because you haven’t conceded doesn’t mean you will still be the president in the next four years. You have lost the popular vote and the electoral college. You will be removed no matter what you say or do and I am glad. I have watched history unfold in front of me from the time I was 15 to now. I will remember. I will continue watching. History books will not forget you or the things you have done.

You have been justly fired and the next step is recovery. 

Signed, an impatient but finally SLIGHTLY at ease American 

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