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Written by on April 6, 2021

Food what makes food special or what draws a certain food to a person? That was the question we asked a few Coyotes across campus. 

I was able to come across five through six people who would talk to me and answer the question on why they go to a certain fast-food place and why it’s is their favorite. First I was able to talk to my roommate Emmanuel and he had this to say “my favorite fast-food place would have to be In n Out because their burgers are so good. Their animal style fries are on another level also but unfortunately they’re located in California”. Emmanuel brought up a good fast-food place because if you’re from California you can’t go wrong with an In n Out burger especially since it’s not that expensive.

I was also able to catch up with Mariah who is part of the women soccer team here at KWU who had this to say “My favorite fast-food place is Raising Cains because growing up I was always very picky with the food that I ate so every restaurant or fast food place my family and I would eat at, I would always play it safe and order chicken tenders and fries not to mention that raisin canes chicken tenders and their special sauce is probably the best I have ever tried”.

As well as I talked to Lissette who is part of the women soccer team who said her favorite fast-food place was Mc Donald’s because it’s cheap and affordable for a broke college student. Her teammate Diana said her favorite place was Burger King because of their Hershey’s pie and it’s where her and her siblings go  to get food and spend time together. 

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