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Written by on April 6, 2021

By now, most people have heard of how a student is dealing with the troubles that corona virus has brought; but it seems like no one ever talks about it from a coach’s point of view. It is true that players must balance both school and their respective sport, it can be very demanding physically and mentally for these athletes to stay on track. It takes a lot of discipline and will to succeed, but no one ever talks about the people “behind the scenes.” The coaches are the ones who keep everything running, they have to schedule games, practice, and even sacrifice a lot of their personal life and time. A coach has a big role, as they are the natural leaders of a team. If a program, has a strong coaching staff then chances are they have a strong overall team. 

Athletic Programs at KWU have thrived for the most part during this pandemic. Since the start of last semester, Fall 2020, the Kansas Wesleyan community took covid head on and beat it down the best it could. Examples of this dominance can be seen in the records of some of the programs who had to extend their season, Woman’s Volleyball recently came off back to back wins and has a record of 20-12. The Men’s Football team has rolled over opponents this year with a record of 6-2. Woman’s Soccer is also showing out this year with a record of 11-4. This goes to show not only how the athletes are handling this, but also how their coaches have adapted to the situation and made it the best they could. 

Even with all the success these sports are having, it is easy to wonder if this season was worth playing. It seems as if it may have been a good idea to take the year off so that we may return back to normal as soon as possible. Johnny Feauto, Assistant Coach, for the football team explains how this year counts, but at the same time it doesn’t. Due to covid and the extension of the season, the NAIA has decided to grant all students their year of eligibility back. This means student-athletes can participate this year and this season wont count towards an athletes clock. Feauto explains the good part being “a chance to play more college football and get better for next season.” This is very true, being a college athlete is not a very common thing and we do have the opportunity to play and get maybe a little more film to play at the next level. 

We come towards the end of this covid year, with the future being uncertain. There has been many lessons learned and it has been a roller coaster to live through this historic event. As we conclude the semester, this begs the question of “how do we get back to normal?” KWU has taken steps towards getting back to normal by making every person wear mask and keeping the bubble safe, other things that could potentially revert us to the way life was is potentially getting everyone vaccinated. This is a touchy subject as many people have different opinions about what the vaccination does. Either way, we took it to the chin and got right back up, we can be proud to be Coyotes and I am excited to see what the future holds. 

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