The Multicultural Experience at KWU

Written by on April 6, 2021

The Multicultural Club is starting to be a Hot topic at our school because it is starting to bring more awareness to black culture in an overall way. As well any other culture to shed light on.I had the opportunity to interview Jhalen Haynes and discuss what multicultural club, why he is in the multicultural club, and are there any events for it. From Jhalen’s opinion he told me that the Multicultural club seems to be an opportunity that people growing up never got to experience. For example learning and experiencing other cultures is this club’s purpose. I feel that people who join or even have interest will get to see different points of views then what they are used to growing up.

It brings Jhalen joy and a fulfilling feeling to help bring others to this club. His goal and purpose for the Multicultural club is to shed light on what people don’t know. For example this is the month of February which is Black history month so they want to shine light on the great individuals that don’t get enough credit or to even ones that should get celebrated for what they did. As well as to share and let others know more on black history. Even to bring awareness for black culture. Jhalen also shared that the Multicultural club will be doing events every Friday of the month to share on what back culture is and let everyone to fully engage and experience it. Some of the events that are happening will be a fashion show, movie night, a cookout, and other wide spectrum events that will be happening this month. It seems that they are try to make sure that the students are able to enjoy the current events but they also want to remind everyone that black history is still being written.

Jhalen also preached that each and every one of us, currently to this day, have the power to be the change. The change is the power to influence the right way of racial climate. Like to spread awareness to everyone. I personally feel that this is a great opportunity for our school because it would be nice to spread awareness in the community of Salina first. I say that because there are still individuals that have the confederate flag on their yards or on their trucks. It seems like they are a lost cause but having faith is important. If we can just work by steps everything else will get easier.

There are others on campus who love and have been planning for something like this. My teammate De’Andre Childress has plans for that exact thing. But he is waiting for the right time and Groups like “Talk” and this Multicultural Club both share the same goal and ideas. Ever since last summer with George Floyd it is important to help with Jhalen’s idea and help spread awareness. I am glad I was able to interview Jhalen and get some great insight on what the Multicultural club is and what it has to offer. 

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