The Official KWU Student Media Date Night Dinner Guide!

Written by on April 6, 2021

Have you ever asked your significant other the age old question, “Where do you want to eat?” I bet you that ninety-percent of the time they respond back with “I don’t know”, which can be the most annoying answer in the world, especially when your starving. For those who have been stuck in this situation on more than one occasion, look no further than my Date Night Dinner Guide. Below, I’ve listed some dinner-date ideas, with various price ranges, to take your special someone when you’re looking to switch it up from your usual restaurants, or for when you just want to try something new. Happy Eating! 



Sonic is one of my favorite places to go for a sweet treat or when you just want some greasy food. They have very affordable options and their food and dessert is pretty bomb. Also, if you order in the app you get 50% off drinks all day and their are special in-app-only offers, which makes this an even more affordable option. If you’re looking to do something spontaneous with your significant other and you don’t really feel like dressing up, you can chose to park and eat your food in one of the car stalls, where you can literally just wear your pajamas. 

YaYa’s Happy Hour 

YaYa’s is known for being on the more expensive side, but their happy hour is truly a hidden gem. They offer happy hour from 3-6 pm and 9-12 pm everyday. All of their appetizers are half off and if you are looking to get some drinks, they literally start at $3. One of my favorite options is their Margaritas and Moscow mules, which come in a variety of flavors and are $6 for a regular size drink. They also offer a flatbread and wine deal, where you get a bottle of wine and flatbread for just $20. Every time I’ve gone to their happy hour I’ve ordered at least 4 items and have never spent over $25. It’s definitely a great option for those who have late night practice, are looking for somewhere that’s open late, and want to avoid eating fast food, or if your looking to do an earlier dinner. 



Momoya is one of my favorite sushi and ramen places in Salina. If you’re looking for affordable food, a casual environment, and actually decent asian food, then this is your place. They have teriyaki bowls starting at $9 and their sushi specials, which include three rolls, range from $18-$25 depending on what type of rolls you get. They also offer take out, which you could eat at a park on a nice day, or you could even just take it home, put it on a plate, and pretend like you made it yourself! 

Auntie Rita’s Jamaican Cuisine 

Auntie Rita’s has some of the best food in Salina. They have a new location on Santa Fe across from Martinellli’s that has seating, unlike their last location. Their prices are affordable and come with huge portions. They also offer delivery and take out, incase you don’t feel like going anywhere. 


Barolo Grill

Barolo Grill is located in downtown Salina and has some of the best and most unique food that I’ve had. They offer Italian, Asian, and American food, which is an interesting combination, but also means that their is going to be something for everyone. They have some pretty great drink and also offer a super cheap lunch special, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat between classes. I would say that their prices are similar to those that you would see at a nicer restaurant in a major city. They aren’t too crazy, but it defiantly isn’t a place the average college student would go every week. If you’re looking to have a bougier date night without breaking the bank, this is the spot. 


If you’re looking for some asian food and show, Diamaru is your place. I find their prices to be pretty expensive for what you get, but if you really want that hibachi experience, then this is literally the only local option. They also offer noodle dishes, sushi, and teriyaki. The atmosphere is pretty causal, but you can still make it a pretty special night with your partner!

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