What Could Make KWU Better?

Written by on April 6, 2021

When it comes to a school and makes it stand out, it makes you think what does this school have that other schools don’t? what draws students to this school and what makes them want to come here. Sometimes it’s about the sports, academics, dance etc. as well as what’s someone favorite part of their school and is that why they came to this certain school? I’m about to get into that as I was able to speak with a certain student here at Kansas Wesleyan University.

Mariah Sigala is part of the Women Soccer team here Kansas Wesleyan University and how she was able to give me insight on what is her favorite part of KWU and as well as what would be a great addition to Kansas Wesleyan to be able to attract more students of different back grounds. What Mariah was able to tell me when I had asked her what was her favorite part of Kansas Wesleyan, she had said that “my favorite part about KWU is how small of a campus it is because it allows me to connect one on one with my professors as well as my peers”.

This brought up a good point because here at Kansas Wesleyan that’s one of the best parts here you’re able to talk one on one with your professor and really get to know them. Also, how being able to have that it’s such a big reason to attract students here and to come here at Kansas Wesleyan because it seems like the professors won’t leave any student behind as long as they put in the work and effort into that class and how it’ll show. Besides having that as Mariah Sigala favorite part of Kansas Wesleyan she was able speak her mind and give me her idea of what would make a great addition to Kansas Wesleyan in order to attract more students. What she had to say was “an addition that I think would help attract more students would be an aquatics center”.

In my opinion that was an interesting addition to KWU because I don’t really think any thought of that before and how much it would actually attract more students. It would be a great addition because it’ll allow students maybe just to relax in there with their swimming pools and all. With that being added it’ll allow more sports to be added in here at Kansas Wesleyan. That’ll be a big help because this schools revolves in sports and how mostly everyone comes here from different states and places in order to come here and the play the sport they love and have passion for.  

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