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Written by on April 15, 2021

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has shaken up the world we knew before 2020. Everything around us has changed- how close we have to stand next to each other, how much of our faces we get to see on a daily basis, and so much more. This pandemic has changed everything, including the future of medicine. Never before has the process of any particular vaccination become so prominent and accelerated. The thing all people need to know though, is that just because these processes were accelerated, doesn’t mean there were any corners cut in the manufacturing or testing processes. These vaccinations are safe and ready for wide-spread use TODAY. 

Recently, three different COVID-19 vaccinations (Moderna is the only one in Salina at the time of writing this) have hit the market and are becoming more widely available on a daily basis. ALL STUDENTS AT KWU ARE ELIGIBLE RIGHT NOW FOR VACCINATION because of communal living quarters. This vaccination is the best chance at moving forward toward any sense of new normalcy, and it is absolutely necessary that everyone signs up for the vaccine as soon as possible. Some students and staff at KWU have already gotten their first round of vaccinations (Moderna is a two part vaccination process to ensure as much immunity and safety as possible) and the response has been overwhelmingly good. Normally, once receiving the vaccination, people feel ill that day or the day after but within 24 hours any illness usually passes and people are back up and running.

We spoke to some students and staff about their experience with getting their first vaccine. 

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

Bradyn Houltberg, sophomore gets vaccinated

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

Happy to be Healthy

Heidi Jones, freshman at KWU said, “The whole process to get vaccinated was really simple. I was filling out some paperwork, waiting my turn in line, and then the shot itself did NOT hurt at all- like, it was just a little pinch but that’s how all shots are. [Then] I had to wait around 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t have an allergic reaction and now I just wait for my next vaccination. I’m really excited as more people get vaccinated because it gives me a sense of hope that maybe in the fall we won’t have to wear a mask any more.” 

Scott Jagodzinske, on campus minister and head of Monday Night Alive said, “So it was a really easy process to get through the line through the county and about four hours afterwards the arm hurt for a couple days but not too bad. For me, I only had like a little bit of chills and a little fatigue after the shot but actually it was pretty easy and the shot was painless overall.” 

Kiefer Storrer, debate and forensics coach at KWU said, “I am so excited to have gotten my first half of the two COVID vaccines. I’m really excited for everyone else to get vaccinated– hopefully by May, hopefully by the summer so we can all get back to normal and I really just want to go to the movie theatre again.” 

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

Free hand sanitizer when you get vaccinated at the old JCPenny

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

photo opportunity after vaccination

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

vaccination stations set up at JCPenny

I got my first vaccination two weeks ago without any issue and no side effects after. (Honestly I didn’t even realize they had vaccinated me until they put the Band-Aid on- it did not hurt at all!)  It’s clear everyone is different in their bodies response to the vaccine but we all seem to be on the same page about the end outcome. There is a fresh sense of hope on campus. People are proudly showing off their vaccination cards, excited for the next step and certainly hoping for a healthier step. 

SIGN UP TODAY TO BE VACCINATED on -it is easy, almost painless, and you would be making a major difference in the county, community, and world!

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