Tips and Tricks for Finals and Moving

Written by on April 27, 2021

The end is near. Finals are quickly approaching. And as we wind down on a particularly interesting school year many students are finally ready to buckle down and prepare for the best/worst of finals week. The other main thing that will be happening over the next few weeks is students slowly packing up their rooms, getting ready to move all their personal belongings off campus and back to home sweet home. For those of us who are worried about the quickly approaching future, I thought a useful list of tips and tricks for finals AND moving could be beneficial! Good luck to all as we head into these next few important weeks of our lives! 


Take frequent study breaks- standard rule is 20 minutes studying, 5 minutes off. 20 minutes studying, 5 minutes off. 

Make sure you are well fueled to get through the day- eat enough, sleep enough, drink enough!


Flash cards are your best friend, use them. 

If you know a final is open note or open book make sure you have refreshed your knowledge of where all the information is in your notes and in the book- look through the index, glossary, and table of contents. 

Keep an accountability partner to study and work with to ensure you stay engaged.

Meditation can be beneficial if you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are super easy to follow programs all over Youtube.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and talk to your professors! They want to hear from you, it’s their job to HELP you.  

Make it as fun as possible- this is why working with others can be helpful, there are so many study possibilities when you involve more people. 


Wrap your clothes that are already on hangers in trash bags so you do not have to unhook them all from the hangers! 

IKEA’s big blue bags are moving life savers- it is worth the investment!

Pack one suitcase of just essentials so you do not have to unpack everything the same evening. 

Do laundry before you move (yes, even your bedding)- if you do not have time, put dirty clothes in a separate bag to keep everything else clean. 

Donate clothes and items you do not use right before you move; same goes for extra food in your room- the food bank is open and accepting donations!

Pack a little bit every day so it is not a completely overwhelming task you are left with on the last day. 

 If you are coming back next year, take a picture of your room so you can set it up the same way- if you want!

Pack trash bags last so you still have them until right before you move.

Clean the room as you pack, and do not forget to vacuum before you leave!

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