Ad Astra: The Coolest Coffeehouse Around

Written by on May 2, 2021

Salina may be located in Kansas, and thus, will forever be associated with cows, farming, and the Wizard of Oz- but more than that Salina is actually the home of some true hidden gems. One of these hidden gems is Ad Astra. Created in 2011, this local coffee shop and hang out spot is truly an experience even just walking in the door. 

Besides having a variety of hand brewed coffee options to choose from, they also offer other fun drinks to customers like tea, hot coco, Italian soda, and lemonade. Ad Astra is also notorious for having a constant rotation of local baked goods and sweet treats. 

The maximalist decor ties the place together beautifully and customers can see local artists’ art all throughout the shop. One of the first things new customers notice is the massive book shelves that loom overhead filled to the brim with new and used literature and trinkets on top. Ad Astra is even fully equipped with a children’s play/reading section- so it’s fun for the whole family. 

Part of the decor however, is also for sale. Ad Astra sells t-shirts, stickers, jewelry, and other one of a kind pieces usually made by local artists. If you are looking for something artsy, unique, and handmade the first place in town I’d recommend looking is here. 

In addition to this, Ad Astra is well known throughout town as the place to host small events. There is a variety of open mic nights, poetry slams, board game nights, and other community driven events hosted in-house, usually in the evening. But even when there are not events taking place, there’s a steady flow day in and day out of people studying, hanging out, reading, and coming together to enjoy the Ad Astra magic. 

We spoke to one college student and current barista at Ad Astra, Dylan Blackhart, and asked him about his experience working there. “It’s a really great place to work. It’s a community, I enjoy getting to know the regulars and really feeling like I belong in such a cool place. I’ve been a barista for many years, but this place is so unique, you know? Ad Astra is a family; a wild, funny, always interesting family.” 

It’s clear that Ad Astra is well loved and well known. As they celebrate their ten years of being open this year, here’s to hoping this establishment gets another fantastic ten years in the future!

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