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Written by on May 4, 2021

The school year is almost over, and hundreds of students here at Kansas Wesleyan are about to go home to places all over the country, and depending on where you live, the experience is going to be vastly different from person to person. To make things a little better for all of us, I’ve put together some safe travel tips and fun things to do if your state isn’t so keen on letting people enjoy the outside world, even as more Americans get vaccinated every day.

The CDC (Links to an external site.) has some great travel tips for anyone going across country, or even on a quick couple-hour road trip.

  • If you’re fully vaccinated
    • During travel, wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth, and do your best to avoid large crowds. If large crowds or confined spaces with a large number of people can’t be avoided, you need to make sure you’re wearing your mask.
  • If you aren’t vaccinated, or have only received one shot
    • If you’re traveling long distance, it’s recommended that you isolate for 1-3 days before and after your trip, just in case you’ve contracted the virus before or during travel.
    • Wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth.

Travel is one thing, but what are you to do if you aren’t making big summer plans and are simply looking for something entertaining to do in a state that is still limiting actual public events and gatherings?

Something that can be pretty fun, that not a lot of people think of in a time like this is to simply go outside. Parks, monuments or even a lake or pond is a way to be outside your home while still being tolerant of your states’ social distancing policies. State parks across the country, like those in California, Georgia and Arkansas to name a few have special promotions running right now to encourage people to get outside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Park entry fees have been cut in half, or in some cases done away with entirely. Getting outside is a fun way to entertain yourself and provide a nice change of pace at the same time.

Not all of us can live in a state that is lessening its restrictions on what citizens can and can’t do, so for those of us looking for something that doesn’t violate the exceedingly complex COVID guidelines, or those looking to travel to a place with less of them, hopefully this can provide some insight. 

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