Seasoned Coyotes (kai-oates)

Written by on May 4, 2021

This semester Kansas Wesleyan will graduate a group of special seniors. It has been an incredible and unique experience for the Yotes’ and it is exciting to think about what the future holds for these distinguished students. They’ve been through covid and back to finish this year, they worked their tails off and are ready to do some work in the real world. The struggles from this last year have prepared this class for life after college, covid had flipped their lives upside down. Students were expecting to participate in internships and meetings in order to fulfill their requirements for their degree, but unfortunately that was not the case for many of them. This is one of the problems that these special group of students had run into. 

This didn’t stop them from getting their stuff done. The students were persistent and ready to get their degrees and make a factor in this world. Kansas Wesleyan does their best to prepare seniors for the real world. Student Development also has resources like Patsy Stockham. Stockham is KWU’s finest Career Service Coordinator. She has this passion for her work that can be seen by how she carries herself. During the week, you might find her in the cafeteria connecting with students, telling them about various events they can attend that may help them with their future. Her services are not only for the graduating class, any grade level is encouraged to reach out. She can assist with things like getting a job and even help you get an outfit for an interview. This is one of many things that can be taken advantage of that K-Dub has to offer. 

It is reassuring to know that the school you go to wants to see you succeed. One highlight Kansas Wesleyan stars in is their graduation rate, which is a solid fifty-six percent. Steven Moya, senior, is on his last semester before he moves on. Moya shares how one of his favorite things about Kansas Wesleyan is how he is “able to connect with his professors.” He felt he was able to get a better learning experience with the more intimate classrooms. Coming form the big city, Moya was uneasy about the university; but the nice teachers and friendly class mates made him feel right at home. He is one of the prestigious students that is going to make this world a better place. 



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