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Written by on May 4, 2021

If you’re searching for hidden gems on campus, one of the best places you’ll find them is in Fitzpatrick Auditorium located in Sams Hall of Fine Arts. A place that holds the spotlight for aspiring actors, musicians, technical directors, and everything in between. One of their recent works was the musical Little Shop of Horrors, a story of a flower shop worker and his downward spiral as he achieves his way to fame. In this article, I will be describing my first time experience of attending a play in Fitzpatrick. 

When you first walk into the auditorium, you’re handed a program of the musical that contains the cast and crew, the musicians, and the musical numbers. I feel like for a first time attendee, this is a very helpful piece to have because you get to learn more about the cast, who are fellow students that you more than likely have seen walking around campus. It’s also helpful with navigating where in the musical you’re currently at, as well as who’s going to be in certain numbers and what setting they’ll be taking place in. 

One of the biggest takeaways that I had as this was my first time attending a production, was the amount of energy that was in the room. Everyone on stage had a very strong presence, and it emphasized the fact that they knew they belonged there. People in the audience were very engaging throughout the musical, laughing at certain parts, and always providing applause at the end of every number. Even after the show when the cast stood outside the auditorium, the audience members were ecstatic to go and congratulate them on such a successful show. 

The biggest takeaway I had was just how much I want to show more appreciation to people in this department. A majority of the cast I have for classes, and seeing them on stage was like seeing them in an alternate reality. I knew that they were a part of the theater department, but I had never truly seen them live and in action. Everyone in this department is extremely talented and it should not go unnoticed. I feel like just knowing that they’re in theater takes away from the amount of talent that I saw in that auditorium. It’s like pointing out an athlete walking around campus and just stating what sport they’re in. Unless you’ve seen them competing or already have previous knowledge of their successes, you don’t truly see the amount of talent that they hold. 

Attending a play in Fitzpatrick is a definite need to cross off your bucket list during your time at Kansas Wesleyan. Grab a group of friends or even make it a solo outing, which is what I did and I feel like it made the experience that much more exciting. Either way, I can guarantee that you’re in for a good time, and you’ll be astonished by the amount of flair that everyone in the auditorium carries. 

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