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Written by on May 5, 2021

School is all but over, summer is approaching, and now students here on campus are going to need to find ways to keep busy until we’re back in Salina for the fall semester here in 2021. While the obvious answer to the entertainment predicament is simple, get a job, a part-time career can only do so much. What are some other ways to keep your mind sharp when most of us will be trying to making as much money as possible, sleeping without alarms, or both?

There are a lot of ways to do this, so I’ve put together a quick and easy to follow list, going from least to most interesting to the average college student:

  • Read
    • I know it might seem strange to put this at the top, but most people aren’t reading like they used to nowadays. Find a book that you think will capture your attention and give it a read, starting the day with a chapter or two might do your mind some good.
  • Engage in a New Hobby
    • Model making, painting, carpentry, writing, there are a lot of hobbies that can interest everyone. Working with your hands is especially good at maintaining some mental focus during a timespan where a lot of us forget how to use a pencil.
  • Listen to New Genres of Music
    • Most everyone listens to music, but try to find something different. Most of us are keen to stick to one thing that we found and really enjoy, be it rap, rock, metal or country. However, it can be beneficial to leave your comfort zone for a change. Listening to new music can engage parts of your mind that are usually dormant when listening to the same four chords or beats on repeat, and you just might find a new artist to binge as well.
  • Take a New Route
    • This is simple, humans love routine. You might gain a new level of consciousness one day and realize that you live your life like a game of the Sims, doing the same set of things in the same order every day. Shift things up a little bit, choose a different route to get to work each week or try a different mode of transport, like biking or using public transport instead of driving. Your brain can benefit from a simple change in routine, and you might be surprised by how easy it is to change your thinking.
  • Play Video Games
    • This is obviously the most appealing to us college students, but video games aren’t just mindless fun like some older generations, or even your own peers might insinuate. Video games engage your mind and build critical thinking and tactical decision making, along with some stellar hand-eye coordination. Multiplayer games can build communication and teamwork skills, for many of us, we might be working our minds out like this all the time… and not really realizing it.

Staying mentally active during a long period away from the classroom is important to make sure we’re all on a good starting place when coming back to school. By doing some pretty basic things, you can make sure that you can beat summertime boredom, and keeping your brain active at the same time. 

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