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Written by on August 25, 2021

Welcome back Coyotes it’s a new year new semester and some things still haven’t changed, while other things have. It’s still 2021 and covid is still around and affecting our lives still more than we know it. Even if we won’t want to open up our eyes and realize it. Although Covid is still around things have changed around campus sports wise, such as less restrictions on how to approach a game and practices. An example what has changed from this semester compare to last semester is how before every practice we would always have to have a temp check and answer a couple questions before practice so we can be allowed to practice or play any games. Which was a hassle at first because it started to be repeated and be an everyday thing and as well sometimes athletes would forget to answer those questions and weren’t allowed to practice due to that. What’s the same from this semester and last semester is how we are required to wear masks still which makes sense because it keeps everyone safe from covid and from the school having an outbreak of it. Other than that, it’s a new season for all fall sports including men’s soccer who recently got a new head coach again after having a new last fall. Although it’s a new head coach again after one year getting one, the coach seems to have a bright future for this program. The new head coach who goes by the name of Lebaron Hollimon had this to say when I had the chance to do a quick interview with him “It’s good to have a fresh start because everyone wants to have a new beginning, it’s a fresh start for me and a fresh start for the guys, it’s always refreshing”. Which makes a whole lot of sense because coach Hollimon wants to regain the rich history of the men soccer program here at Kansas Wesleyan which is the history of winning and fighting for everyone on that field and make every player that’s part of the team to become the best version of themselves. Everyone part of the team believes in the new head coach and believes in his method to make it work again and bring back the glory days of this program. Other than interviewing the new head coach I was able to get an interview with the new captain of this year’s men soccer team which is Jesus Genaro Macias who is a junior here at Kansas Wesleyan. What Jesus was able to tell me when asked “how do you feel about the fresh start with soccer having a new head coach and being named one of the two captains for this year”. This is what he had to say “ it’s a new opportunity for everyone to show what they have, a new experienced coach that can help us on the field and off. As a captain I feel honored to represent a great group of guys. We all have to be on the same page if we want to be great and hopefully, I can do my best to help keep the team together”. It was great doing these interviews with both the new head coach and new captain of the year I hope to get back with them by the end of semester and see how it went.

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