An Evening at The Alley

Written by on August 31, 2021

There was a school event at the Alley which is an arcade and bowling alley with laser tag place where families go to have fun.  Many of the students who went enjoyed themselves and had a great time bowling and enjoying time with fellow students.  Where everything was provided so no one had to spend a penny out of their pocket to be able to go bowl or play games thru the arcade.  Also, the event was great to get the recognition Kansas Wesleyan needs throughout the town.  Many teams and athletes were able to come together as the one student body we all are.

I asked a few students some questions about how they liked the vent and how their school year has been going so far.  I asked Erick Suarez a series of questions asking him first off how he liked the event he went on to say it was very welcoming and a great way to get to know people on campus.  Also, mentioning how convenient the free pricing on everything was.   I also asked him Do you feel the school should do more events like this and he went on to say of course and that they should try to get a lot more students involved and try to help make our school a family. This helps people feel at home especially when a lot of the students throughout campus are coming from many places across the country and world.  SO, it gives students that feel at home feeling when they are homesick.

Therefore, The Alley was a success for the school and students as everyone had a joyful time throughout the night.  This is why our school comes very close together and we are able to have events like these.

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