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Written by on September 7, 2021


Allison Stithem | KWU Student Media

Professor Phil Meckley said “I think spiritual development is important because when you talk about the whole person you can’t cut a person apart. You can’t just talk about the intellectual or the developmental or the emotional, you just can’t break a person to pieces. The spiritual side of somebody’s extremely important of who they are as a person so therefor you have to find you, you and the generic sense, not just you but all people have to find the spiritual path that makes a sense fro them because it’s who they are.”

Allison Stithem | KWU Student Media

Next, Scott Jagodzinske gave his opinion on the opportunities and service that are provided for the students. Jagodzinske said “Campus ministry offers several options throughout the week for students. They include Monday Night Alive chapel at University UMC at 8:15, Fellowship of Christian athletes on Thursdays at 8:30 in Muir  gym, Life groups throughout the week Prezi I will include with this email the Life Group schedule. Along with the weekly program we also to you one on one to say for sure hey coaches Bible study and student counseling. Our goal is to meet students wherever they are in  their life journey.”


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