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Written by on September 14, 2021

     So we’re going on 1 month now here at Kansas Wesleyan and you may notice. It’s a lot of food places down the road to eat at and even more restaurants downtown, but not a lot of people or “freshman” I should say have the means of transportation. “Yeah the cafe food isn’t that and it’s a variety of meals and it beats walking far for some grub” said Fresham Alex Littlejohn.

     Me and Alex talked a little about nutrition and how we were getting the best food and how they switch it up everyday. Like for us we eat differently because we’re athletes so we have to get three meals a day. But non athletes might get a little to no amount of food or just grab ice cream. “I’m glad they fixed the ice cream machine. It was really good last year, and now freshmen can enjoy it as well” said Junior Emily Smith.

     Personally, I like ice cream. It was my first time trying it yesterday and I enjoyed it. I was a little disappointed that the chocolate side didn’t work the first day but now it does so it’s a win-win. Some students have complained about the drink section, like how fountain drinks and morning breakfast drinks, are most times out of order. I’m not really a person who drinks coffee but I will drink apple juice, orange juice, and chocolate milk so it doesn’t affect me as much except for the orange juice part. Which is currently out of order right now, but I’m more than happy there are more choices to choose from.

     The other issue is what time it closes. Some people complain that it doesn’t stay open late enough due to their athletic activity; others just don’t wake up in time for their nap to come eat. I know I’ve missed a few meals from being overwhelmed or tired. Like our coach said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I try to get in all three meals of the day at least 8 bottles of water and to top it off a peanut butter smoothie from the den.

     The den is a lunchroom but not technically a lunchroom. It’s another food distributor on campus, you don’t exactly pay with money or anything you use your ID card, it produces flex bucks in order for you to purchase something. Personally I prefer the cafe over the den just because I like to keep the same regimen and even eat healthier. I’m not too into junk food anymore just because the season is starting and I have to remain in the front.

     But overall students enjoy the cafe next week, I will conduct a survey of which students prefer more the cafe or the den. Feel free to fill it out. I also want to thank the hardworking staff in the kitchen. Without them the school would not be what it is, remain healthy, wear masks, and roll Yotes!

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