KWU Football Week 1

Written by on September 14, 2021

     This week has been a great week for Kansas Wesleyan University, classes are starting to flow more fluently and things are starting to kick up for football and volleyball. This week our football team has taken on Sterling College and a out of division school. “I’m confident about our team this year, I feel like if we really put our helmets together we can’t be beat” said Cole Burns. Cole was right when the team puts the heads together they can’t be beat the out of division school lost by 40 to our Coyote football team in the final quarter.

     A job well done I’ll say, I love it when we support our team as a community when we work as one nothing is impossible. “I’m ready man, I’m ready to do some damage and win this year, ready to compete and prove everybody wrong and win this thing” said Mark Phillips. I can definitely tell the team has their head on their shoulders right, each and every player I see has that look in their eye when they walk on gameday, and it is not pleasant so I know that they mean business.

     In my opinion I think they can do it aside from the massive size of our team. I’ve seen them practice and man do they go at it, they really compete to the level that they are supposed to. When I entered class I heard teachers ask the players how they thought they did and what they needed to work on. The community cares about its players. I don’t know too many teachers back home that would check on their players mentally and physically. Most just want the student to show up to class so they can provide the lecture and go on about their day. Here it’s different: the teachers are on the team to help win, not fail students or disregard them.

     But aside from the win, let’s be sure to encourage and support our players to make sure they’re doing well. The following week our coyotes should be playing Bethany at their place make sure you in attendance and ready for the ball game, and did I mention the nice uniforms our guys are wearing? People all over Kansas are starting to take notice of them, I mean how can you not they’re amazing right. But to cap things off our team in any sport will prosper and win, the football season has just begun and we’re on track to achieving the goal that every other sports team has in mind on campus so when they win, we all win. Be sure wtp slayed wear your mask go and support get active and rollyotes. 


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