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Written by on September 14, 2021

   To start off the 2021-22 Men’s Basketball season we begin the year with 20 freshmen, 4 transfers, and 15 returners. This isn’t your ideal basketball team but nothing comes easy in life so we are ready to work. “We all have one goal in common, we all want to get a championship under our belt” said Coach Anthony Monson.

Jarron Holden | KWU Student Media

We all come from different areas, most come from Kansas, Texas, Colorado, and more but as long as we’re on the same page the amount of bodies does not matter. “ Guys look around the room this the most talented team we’ve had in a while” said Coach Garrett Williams, things aren’t going to be like last year. I’m excited to compete at the collegiate level and even get a chance to play on varsity if possible.“If you aren’t going to go as hard as you can or push yourself, I guarantee you there’s another guy on the team that will,” said Coach Jordan Murdock.

Jarron Holden | KWU Student Media

Tensions get high in the gym as everyone of my teammates have the drive and determination to win, so open gym is anything but gentle. Just know for Salina, KS that the Kansas Wesleyan Men’s Basketball team will perform at its highest capability and represent it’s town at the highest peak possible. Because who doesn’t like to win, I don’t know about these other guys but where I’m from I’m as competitive as can be. Losing is not an option. But I’m more than sure Coach Monson has recruited each and everyone of these guys for a specific reason,  everyone on the team possesses a unique set of skills and abilities that will help lead. Kansas Wesleyan to a championship, so I’m more than sure I’m surrounded by elite talent. Aside from the player standpoint, I’m very impressed with the coaching staff here. It’s an honor to play for Coach Anthony Monson. A collegiate player himself who knows the game in and out and is very knowledgeable in every aspect. Coach Jordan Murdock a collegiate player who averaged 30 points per game, and was named 1st team all American.

Jarron Holden | KWU Student Media

And finally Coach Garrett Williams who is a certified Olympic weight trainer who learned under the USA men’s basketball team. We have every tool necessary to win this thing and even with the school’s support nothing is impossible, the fan base that’s able to come into the gym this year will have us pumped and ready to go. We also have support from the flag football, soccer, women’s basketball, golf, bowling, and men’s football team. Salina as a whole works as a community I’ve seen first hand at the grocery store, overall the community and teams here really have each other’s backs. The president and council definitely have their eyes set on the season as well; they aren’t just strictly academic; they want to see the school prevail in every way possible. I’m very excited to see what awaits us this season, come show your support and don’t forget “rollyotes”. 


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