Student Success Center Assists Student Body in Sustaining Academic Success

Written by on September 15, 2021

Victor Cascio | KWU Student Media

Being a student athlete, especially at the collegiate level, comes with a very unique and demanding set of challenges. Between practice, games, weight room sessions, etc, it seems like sometimes there is just not enough time left to give coursework the attention it requires. As such, keeping grades up can be a problem for some students, which is a necessity when it comes to staying academically eligible during the season. Students at KWU know this all too well; as a student body composed of mostly athletes, this is a common struggle amongst the KWU students. 


Fortunately, the school has taken this into account and provided their student-athletes with several different resources that can be used to combat any sort of academic issues the students are having. One of these resources is the Albert Nelson Student Success Center, located inside the library, behind the wall of windows that are on the left as one enters the building. 

Victor Cascio | KWU Student Media


The Student Success Center is a multi-purpose facility that handles all sorts of academic matters for the students of Kansas Wesleyan University. 

“For students who need academic support, I teach a class called ‘Strategies for Success’ that covers a variety of study skills. We spent 3 weeks so far working on note-taking skills. We’ll also work on test-taking skills, time-management, and more,” says McCullar. 


In addition to the class offered, students can also grab handouts and worksheets that cover these topics if they are unable to find time to squeeze the course into their schedule. These worksheets allow students to figure out where they are in relation to achieving full academic success. 


Another useful service offered to KWU students is that of paper reviews. Says McCullar, “We can review papers for any course, not just composition, before they are submitted to the instructor and provide feedback on whether the paper has a logical flow to it, how well it is following the rubric the instructor will apply when grading it, etc. It takes a while for us to review a paper and provide feedback, so bringing the paper to us right before the deadline is not helpful. Hours before the deadline or even the day before will work better.”


Additional services offered by the Success Center include Student Success Coaching program, in which every first-year college student is assigned a success coach for additional support, and the Student Disability Services program, for students who live with physical, learning, or mental health disabilities. 

The final service offered, and arguably the most beneficial, is the provision of student tutors. Here, students can utilize individual time spent with a student to focus on a specific class that may be giving them some trouble. In order to be considered a tutor for a specific class or subject, the student must have already completed the course with a “B” or higher and must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. These requirements ensure that students are getting help from students who have completed the coursework first-hand and done so at an exceptional level. 


So, whether it be trouble with various courses or just a desire to have another set of eyes review an essay, any sort of academic issue you may have can be easily resolved by visiting the Albert Nelson Student Success Center. By utilizing this widely accessible and easily available resource, even the busiest of student athletes can keep their grades up and, in turn, maximize performance on the playing field.


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