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Women’s Soccer Takes on Covid-19 Again

Women’s soccer is about to start their conference play this weekend on September 18 2021 against Oklahoma Wesleyan University.  Although, Covid is something people do not look at as serious anymore because of the vaccines it is something the NAIA is trying to protect their players from it.  The girls are taking their precautions as they are practicing social distancing by protecting each other with mask and keeping a distance from strangers.  These procedures can sometimes be stressful for players especially with the year coming up because, if players have covid-19 your team might have to forfeit the game.  Just like who was scheduled for the Woman Outtwa university but, they received positive covid cases which lead to a forfeit and automatic Kansas Wesleyan Win.  So, because of this, I decided to ask a couple of girls from the women’s team some question about how they feel about the covid athlete experience and what they would change about it.  I talked to Paige Robinson about a few things and she said that covid did not take a toll on them that much other than the annoyance of having to wear face covering and having to do teddies things to make sure players are kept safe.  Because of this she said she would change the fact that even if people receive negative test during a quarantine they have to stay until the time is up and also, make sure students are taking everyone’s health serious. Lissete Garcia a Senior Forward was another Female from the Women’s team I got to talk to and she also had some things to say about covid.  She said that the season is like any other season she has had in College because of how everyone conducts them self’s off the field and how they stay responsible. She thinks that people here at KWU take things very well and professional when it comes to how students go day to day with covid around.  Things she would change though are things like Student and teachers taking mask more serious and having students get tested instantly if they feel any symptoms and should stay away from people until he or she is tested negative and or talks to an official.   After talking with these two I was able to see how it was to deal with Covid-19 as a student athlete.  Having to not only have the daily choirs of every student, practice, and having to worry about others safety with covid can be a drag but, Kansas Wesleyan does a good job at keeping their students safe and making sure a lot of them do not get sick and have a very healthy.  Therefore, students can feel safe on the campus of Kansas Wesleyan as long as the rules are followed also, student athletes feel the annoyance of Covid but, would rather deal with small things like wearing a mask then to not be able to play their season at all.

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