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Written by on September 21, 2021

Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media

For this article I will talk about how the Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes prepare to take on Friends University. It has been a long fall camp and these young men are ready to face and hit somebody other then their teammates. The Coyotes went 8-2 and missed the playoffs by a hair. These young men are taking this season with more preparation and hungriness. It seems like this group of guys have a great relationship with one another and want to push each other to be the best version of themselves. I had the pleasure to interview Devonte Brooks, Kumauri Bennett and team captain Devonte Gabriel. 


When I interviewed Devonte Brooks I learned that he plays outside linebacker and he is from Cleveland, Ohio. Devonte Brooks also explained that how he is going to prepare for Friends University is by watching hours of film and breaking down their tendencies. For example by the way they block , down block, if they can get down field or not, and see if they can make the Quarterback stay in the pocket and throw the ball. Their quarterback is a dynamic runner but isn’t a good passer. So he explained that him and the defense are going to make him throw all game and keep him uncomfortable. If they can contain him they will be able to win this game with ease. 


When I interviewed star freshman defensive back Kumauri Bennett from Detroit, Michigan, he talked about how this will be his first college game and he wants to go out there and compete. He also wants to show the talent he has and help the team win at all costs. The unselfishness this young man has is truly remarkable. He wants to put the defense in great situations by doing his job and showing that a freshman can play against anyone. He told me “ he feels the pressure” but he is ready to do his job and help the team win. The future is bright for this young man. 


Lastly I had a great interview with team captain Devonte Gabriel from Houston, Texas. He explained to me how he prepared for Friends University. He watched hours of film to put pieces together on what their tendencies are. He wants to go out there and play fast and physical. He doesn’t want to let them get any gashing runs to the outside edge. Also he wants to study their key player and be the most physical defense out there on the field. 


I truly believe that the Coyotes will roll friends and have a great bus ride home. These guys are hungry and more prepared than anyone else. They felt like they were cheated last year and left the future of their season to a vote. And they realize that they control their own future one game at a time. So be ready for an amazing season this year. They go my a motto of 1-0 everyday. Roll Yotes ! 


Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media


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