Fellow Christian Athletes (FCA)

Written by on October 12, 2021

Allison Stithem | KWU Student Media

Ryann Kats, Sr, Graphic Design and Marketing Comm., Prairie View, Kansas

Kats said “I am the FCA President and so we have weekly leadership meetings with the leadership team and we plan a huddle for every single week. We have huddles on Thursday nights at 8:30 we play a game, we have some food and then we have a speaker talk to us or give us a short devotional then we also put on a few other events through out the year like capture the flag or movie night or Chick-Fil-a sandwich night and stuff like that”.

Allison Stithem | KWU Student Media

Scott Jagodzinske, Campus Minister

Jagodzinske said “FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes its main base is out of Kansas City, Missouri. We are a Chartered memer. Arron Glendening is our staff person on campus ministry that relates to FCA, he’s also on staff with FCA as the regional coordinator. The primary purpose of FCA in general is to help connect athletes and coaches with the word of god and create an opportunity for fellowship bible study and connection with people that have similar interest in athletics and sports and create an opportunities for them to work together and play together and work through christ together. One of the cool things about the student athlete huddles is that you’ll have students who are active athletes on teams here , you’ll have students who are former athletes and theres always a few students who aren’t involved in sports but they have a passion or have friends who play. It is open to anybody who would really want to go. The focus is on sports and athletes cause that’s the nitch that the administry tends to work with but really is open to anybody who would like to come and be there and hear the word of god and participate in that. We’re excited it’s a great partnership I think I can say there’s not too many college campuses that have FCA so directly connected to what they are doing in campus ministry and that’s a vision of administration and staff saying that this is important there’s enough student athletes on this campus that that senario that we’re putting a lot of focus in as well as different parts of campus administry focus different areas that’s when we knew we need to invest in as well”.

Aaron Glendening, Regional Director of FCA

Glendening said “I’m gonna read our mission statement that I had memorized at one point but don’t anymore. We are a community working to see the world transform by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. We desire to see every coach and athlete enter an intergrowing relationship with Jesus Christ and as a church and one of the biggest things as a disciple making administry. We obviously have FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes like Scott said, and we also do coaches administry as well. We have a coaches huddle, the huddle is just a term for the meeting and so has Ryann said the student athlete huddle is every Thursday night either in Brown or Muir depending on the availability. The coaches huddle, we have an all athletic department huddle on Wednesday morning at 9am in the SAC. We have good representation within the coaches with that and there also some team ones that meet in the sac and we’ll have different huddles within the coaches. One of the other good things is the FCA, all this is within the campus administry team we have. Chaplins have reached to every sports team we have here. Each sports team has there own Chaplin that serves them in whatever capacity that the coach and the team sees fit. Chaplin character coach everyone wanted to label it. So that’s part of the disciple making process that we have with FCA. One of the biggest thing our kids get to do is that we have a Discipleship program here, it’s been going on, we’re in our second year of it, where we have kids who come from all over and where ever and they come here and play a sport. It’s basically a discipleship program that I do with them and so there’s typically a male and a female athlete that as freshmen they come in, we do a book study, I disciple on their part of their leadership team and then every year after that we get two new ones entering the program and so right now we are currently at four next year we’ll have six and so on and so forth. There will never be more than eight because of graduation rates. That’s one thing that is unique to Kansas Wesleyan and then there’s another KCAC school that is doing it but the chaplinsy, the discipleship program and the just the club that meets here on campus is the intrical part of the student athletes experience here for sure”.

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