Multicultural Student Union Meeting 9/28

Written by on October 13, 2021

The multicultural student union held its weekly meeting at the Student Activity Center on Tuesday, September 28th, their final meeting before the semester’s fall break. 


The meeting opened with a continued discussion regarding who was responsible for manning the talent show signup tables, as the group continued to prepare for tryouts. Positions were finalized and tryout tables will be set up inside the entrance of the Student Activities Center as well as the entrance of the Shriwise dining hall. In addition to recruiting students to sign up for talent show auditions, the upstart NAACP chapter also still requires additional group members. As such, the union was continuing to take emails for those who were interested in joining the chapter, still in its infancy. As a reminder, there is grant money available to start a new chapter, but a certain threshold of membership must be fulfilled before the new chapter has access to the grant money that lies in wait. 

Proceeding the talk regarding talent show/NAACP signups was the conversation of the group’s spirit week (also building off of last week’s points in regards to the topic) that will serve as one of the promotions during the University’s homecoming week. The final decisions have been made on what attire will be promoted on each day of the week. 

Monday: PJ Day – come to class in your pajamas

Tuesday: Jersey Day – wear a team of your choice’s jersey

Wednesday: Rep Your City: Wear clothing that represents an aspect of your hometown

Thursday: Throwback Thursday: wear an article of clothing/outfit from years past

Friday: Coyote Friday: Different grade levels of KWU students will wear different colors (Seniors will wear purple, juniors will wear gold, sophomores wear black, and freshmen will wear white). 

As of September 28th, the poster promoting spirit week had been completed and was being sent to Dr. Smith. From there, the posters would be put up university-wide. 

From there, the meeting transitioned to fundraising. Different opportunities were discussed and logistics of how exactly the group planned on raising money were ironed out. Everything that individual union members earn will go directly back to the club, but in the form of negating personal costs. For example, members of the group who raise adequate funds will not have to come out of pocket for the purchase of their club t-shirts and hoodies. Instead, funds that have been raised by the individual will be used to cover the cost. This decision follows the footsteps of how other athletic/extracurricular programs on campus operate when it comes to program finances. 

As the group continues to battle member turnover and an expanded membership from last year, Dr. Smith concluded the meeting by reminding the group of the importance of staying patient and waiting for the new group to gel. He acknowledged the obvious amount of care demonstrated by group members and noted that that was going to be the key to allowing the group to continue moving forward and progressing as a cohesive unit. 

“Life is always gonna give you pushback, if you can’t don’t push through you won’t get anything. If he can discourage you, rip your heart out, he’ll beat you… be accountable and fight for the family.”

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