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Written by on October 19, 2021

Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media

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The Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes are now 2-0 and are steaming hot for this big time game against Bethel. This game will feature two nationally ranked teams playing between #14 Kansas Wesleyan university and #10 Bethel University. These two teams have some pretty big bragging rights. I say that because it was a crazy thriller last spring when the Coyotes ended Bethel’s undefeated streak and made them tie the KCAC championship. That game also proved that Coyotes are a better and more improved team then what they showcased in the fall.  I was very fortunate to be able to interview Devonte Brooks, DJ Childress, and team captain Devonte Gabriel again on how they are ready to prepare against Bethel University. 


When I interviewed Devonte Brooks, the outside linebacker from Cleveland, Ohio he explained how bethel tendencies are very simple to an extent. Their offense averages about four hundred and fifty yards to five hundred yards a game against other opponents. All well Devonte Brooks explained that they run a sound triple option and explained that one out of three people will get the ball. It could be the Quarterback, Tailback or even the wideout on a pitch. He has 100% faith that his nationally ranked defense will hold them off so they can win the game. 


I had a great interview with team captain Devonte Gabriel, The middle linebacker from Houston, Texas. He explained to me that their defense needs to make sure that they are sound on defense and make sure they execute the plays that the coaches set up for them to do. As well as to have the defense stay focused and do the little things right to make sure they have a shot to win the game. He also mentioned the defense and he knew and understood that this was going to be a bigtime game and wanted his defense to stay out of the noise. He explained to me how the defense is prepared to stop Bethel’s roaring offense and triple option. He said “ As long as everyone just does their job and worries about their guy that they have to hit or cover, their offense will slow down”. He is prepared and locked in for this showdown. 


Lastly I had a great interview with offensive tackle Dj Childress from Atlanta, Georgia. I had to make a great switch and show some love to the offensive side, with these interviews. I am happy to be able to show love to the Offensive Line and get to see how they prepared for this game. He explained that the preparation for the offensive line was to understand when they send their Linebackers and when they send their defensive line on stunts. Bethel runs a 3-3 stack to where they create a lot of chaos for their nicknamed defense called Psycho. Their defense moves a lot of people around and creates a lot of confusion to where lineman dont know who to block. So the offensive line focused on who to block on the twists and stunts so they can be successful on Saturday. He just wants to do enough to help the team win. He and the rest of the offensive line are looking forward to this showdown. 



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