what’s it like being a redshirt transfer ?

Written by on October 20, 2021

When you come to a school mainly for a sport do you ever think you’ll be a redshirt? Well first off let me get into what a redshirt is exactly is, it’s when a person decides to hold out for a year in their sport to improve their skill level in that certain sport or just focus on their academics for that year they have off. It’s a situation where it’s either you help yourself and improve or it can be a situation where you can just slack off and not worry about it. It can also be a time where you can be there for your team and help improve the practices by being the voice. I was able to get inside with Omar Pineda who is a sophomore from Los California and just transferred this year from Rio Hondo community college. Omar transferred here to Kansas Wesleyan to be part of the men’s soccer team. This what Omar Pineda had to say to me when being asked “How is it being a redshirt ? How do you still contribute to the team ?” Being a redshirt is a new experience that came upon me very suddenly and unexpected. Being a redshirt has brought to light the importance of practice and holding your team to a high standard and me always having fresh legs has made me push my teammates hard and ive seen them get better each day. I may not be able to share a field with my friends but i sure do let them know what they need to fix and break down flim with them and show them their areas of improvement but as well as what they need to continue doing right”. Interesting choice of words Omar Pineda had to say when being asked about being a redshirt. It’s true as well that Omar must hold his teammates to a high standard in order to succeed in the season since he won’t be able to play but still be part of the team somehow. It will definitely be a learning experience for Omar and how to continue with the team although he won’t be able to play this year. It’s for sure a learning experience for Omar because he was excited to play this year when suddenly he got hit with a bomb when he found out he had to redshirt this year. Omar was also able to tell me during the interview that “I’m sad that I won’t be able to play this year because I traveled all this way from California and to move away from my family, just to be find out that I won’t be able to play and have to redshirt. The only way to get through this is to have a positive mindset about it and to keep working hard everyday while I’m at practice”. I hope everything goes well for Omar for the rest of the year and next year as well when he’ll be ready to play next year for the men’s soccer team.

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