Hispanic hertiage month event

Written by on October 26, 2021

How does it feel to move out of state to another state to attend school but in a way makes you feel like you’re an outsider? What I mean by that is by your ethnicity such as being Hispanic and coming to a state where it’s prominently white and on a rare occasion mixed ethnicity. It makes you miss home where you’re at your most comfortable at because of how mixed it is. Well what’s being done for the students here at Kansas Wesleyan university is how the school started just last year celebrating Hispanic heritage month from September 15 through October 15. Where all month long there’s something going on every day that’s about Hispanics such as there history, food culture what’s different about it compare to the other countries. What was special about this Hispanic heritage month was how this last event that was planned for October 15 was how the school gathered as much as Hispanics students it has for sports such as soccer, baseball, football and volleyball. Got all of them together to take pictures and write a quote with it saying why they are proud to be Hispanic and what challenges they’ve gone through to be at the place they’re at right now. What was special about this event as well is how after gathering all the photos of everyone who wanted to participate it was printed out for them to be handed out at the church across the stress from KDUB. the event was to express how the school shows appreciates towards the Hispanic students and wants to make it a better place for them to make them feel more at home when some are away from their families. The event consisted of singing, praying both English and Spanish. Followed by photos all of the student athletes who wanted be part of the project of making Hispanic heritage more known here at Kansas Wesleyan university for the future. This is a big step towards bringing in more students who have a Hispanic background where Kansas Wesleyan can be known as a safe place for Hispanic students and let it be known it’s a place where you can always go back to. Overall it was a nice event to attend to see how students actually want to be involved and make a change here at Kansas Wesleyan.


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