MCSU Meeting 10/26

Written by on November 9, 2021

Spirits were high at this week’s MCSU meeting in light of the union hosting its 2nd annual talent show on Friday, October 22nd. The event featured several different types of talents across many different platforms and the KWU student body was engaged every single second. A special shoutout was given to the show’s MC’s, MCSU members Tiffany Pace and Kaaliyah Joseph for their outstanding performance. It is safe to say that their on-stage antics and energy rubbed off on the crowd and enhanced the atmosphere as a whole. President Thompson, who attended the event and served as one of the show’s judges, also had nothing but positive remarks about the event.


“I heard nothing but great things,” reported Dr. Smith. “As soon as it was over, President Thompson hit me and applauded you guys. You represented me well and I appreciate that,” said Smith, proud of his group and the effort they had made. 


Due to the success of this event, the first order of business at this week’s meeting was to throw out ideas for other types of big events that the union could put on in the future. This was merely speculation at this point in the process, but potential ideas include Karaoke Night, a student-led performance of an episode of the popular TV show Wild ‘N Out, and a mock-Squid Game competition. As the weeks progress, ideas will more than likely be added/weeded out and the union will settle on one or two of these events to hold in the future. 


The meeting then transitioned to discussion regarding one of the biggest events remaining of the Fall semester, which is the Winterpalooza. Senior Roy Sanders, who has taken the lead in organizing and finalizing the event, reported that everything was going as planned with one small kink; after discussion with KWU head Athletic Director Steve Wilson, Sanders reported that Wilson is reluctant to pull the trigger on the bounce house portion of the event in fear that the new basketball court could suffer. Sanders has made rebuttals to this claim, the main one being that this problem could be alleviated if/when the university finalizes the purchase of a floor cover for the court for enhanced preservation. If the university is able to get this purchase made before the event (currently scheduled for Dec. 3rd), the MCSU will be successfully able to include bounce houses as part of the final product. Everything else (cookies, hot chocolate, etc) is on as scheduled at this time. Other smaller Christmas/holiday event ideas included White Elephant exchanges as well as a Christmas spirit week and will likely be discussed in more detail in the coming weeks. 


Various members of the MCSU attended the SGA meeting, as usual. The group ultimately decided to forego participation in the SGA’s Trunk-or-Treat as it interferes with fundraising opportunities at KWU basketball’s home-opener that week. It was a point of emphasis that there needs to continue being at least one MCSU member in attendance at all of the remaining SGA meetings in the future, as all organizations that are represented in every meeting automatically qualify for an end of the year scholarship.


Fundraising opportunities will continue to be plentiful as basketball season nears. MCSU was asked about their potential participation in the 50/50 raffle on November 13th, and this was an event that Dr. Smith said the union “needed to get someone on.” 50% of the money raised for that day will go to the MCSU with the other 50% going to the winner of the raffle. November 13th is senior day for the KWU football team, and so a greater-than-usual attendance is expected and it can be logically inferred that there will be a greater participation rate in the raffle. 


Although there is currently no new information on the NAACP chapter, the MCSU has completed its membership requirement and signed 25 members. The list of names has gotten back to Dr. Smith, and he is currently taking steps to open the chapter. Additionally, Dr. Smith threw out the idea of a “freedom ride”during the 2nd semester, which would take place on a charter bus and go through the Southeastern part of the country. He also noted, however, that if this were to take place, fundraising needs to continue to be a priority and the sooner the group gets started, the better. The trip would take place in April or May. 


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