Open Mic

Written by on November 11, 2021

Zach Lockwood

On Friday September 24th of 2021 Kansas Wesleyan had an open mic event open up to any students or facility wanting to participate in the event.  This event is a great chance for any student to get something of their chest, show or talk about writings or poems they have, or just go up and say whatever you may like.  It was a decent crowd attending the open mic and I believe that it was a well performed event and believe the school should try to do this more often.

Events like these bring the students and campus life together and builds a family around the school.  One of the students Erick Suarez who attended the event was there.  I quickly asked him some questions about his thoughts on the open mic.  First, I asked what his general opinion of the event and how he thought it went.  He stated that the event looks organized and well put together but, should try and get more students involved so that the event can be more popularized.  Also stating, he enjoyed the performances of some people and what they had to say throughout the open mic.  This is one of many school events I enjoyed and believe should keep going on throughout the school year.

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